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russ proctor standing with his two daughters

Behind the easel

I’m an award-winning contemporary British representational artist and Associate Member of The Guild of Aviation Artists, with paintings exhibited at The Mall Galleries in London, various art galleries, and aviation museums, including The Imperial War Museum at Duxford and The Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre. 


While I create larger and more detailed work from my studio, I also paint or sketch spontaneously, working directly from life or the outdoors and enjoy talking to curious onlookers.


Home is a Lincolnshire village where I draw inspiration from the changing light quality, landscape, seasons, spectacular skies, the county’s aviation museums and the historical association with the Royal Air Force.


My love for figurative/ representational art was rekindled after experiencing the reactions to surprise paintings I had created for each of my daughters.

What fascinates me is how art, as a form of human expression, can evoke such a wide range of responses, from awe and joy to sadness and introspection. It taps into our inner thoughts, feelings, and experiences, creating a deep connection between the artist and the audience. Through colour, form, texture, and composition, we artists can convey complex emotions, ideas, and stories, inviting the viewer to engage on a deeply emotional level.


Art is a unique and challenging journey. As artists and painters, we continually strive to develop and express our inner voices and thoughts, constantly questioning and driving ourselves to create meaningful, compelling pieces that display our ideas, hearts, and souls to the world.

russ proctor brush in hand painting in studio
Artists Statement

Russ’ art style combines historical and modern techniques, creating captivating oils, graphite, and charcoal works influenced by the classical, realist, and Impressionist art movements.

Using precise and masterful techniques, Russ skillfully explores visual narratives, subjects, and genres, including historical aviation and military art.

With subtle brushwork and tonal values, Russ expertly creates intricate paintings, capturing the essence of scenes through a limited colour palette. His passion, keen eye, and attention to detail are evident, making his works desirable to collectors.

oil painting of mosquito airplane

As an ex169 Squadron pilot who flew these actual aircraft and is a bit of a nit-picker, I must congratulate you Russ on the accuracy of the detail on this painting. It really is a window on those times and portrays the contemporary atmosphere exactly.

John Beeching.

Ex 169 Squadron, WW2 Mosquito pilot.

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aviation painting crewmen standing next to lancaster airplane


A Memorable Gift.

The online galleries offer a wide range of unique artworks as thoughtful gifts for aviation and WW2 enthusiasts, suitable for home or office display.

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